Coaching is a value-adding form of counseling that helps to efficiently solve current professional or personal problems, to make decisions, to achieve goals and resolve conflicts in a positive way.
At the same time coaching is considered the management style of the future in many companies.

Individual Coaching:

In every person lies great potential of untapped possibilities. Coaching aims to discover, activate and utilize this untapped potential.
The task of the coach is to help the coachee to achieve his goals in personal and professional life, to solve problems, to fulfill wishes, to make decisions.
In each coaching session, the client chooses the focus of conversation, while the coach intensively listens and helps by making observations and asking questions.
In addition, specific coaching techniques can enhance the coachee’s perception and thus expand his/her range of available options by playfully drawing out hitherto unconscious motives.
The interaction with the coach leads to overarching clarity and positive action, because the coachee is aware of all of the possibilities and can thus plan and implement the next steps on the way. Coaching clarifies where the coachee is today, and helps him to get to where he wants to go tomorrow.

“I went this way, I went that way, then I went my way.”

– Chinese proverb –

Topics for individual coaching may include:

  • Success coaching: to increase the professional success; careers coaching
  • Problem-solving coaching: as an aid in solving professional or personal problems
  • Decisions coaching: decision support
  • Conflict coaching: to solve existing conflicts and for mediation sessions
  • Goal setting coaching: for targeting and reaching goals
  • Personal balanced scorecard: Coaching to define your own vision of life and mission.
  • Crisis coaching: as a crisis intervention in difficult situations
  • Self-esteem coaching: to strengthen self-esteem; charisma coaching
  • Coaching for work-life balancing, time management and stress management
  • Coaching for discovering your career path
  • Coaching for defeating one’s weaker self
  • Insights coaching as a feedback tool for more information
  • ….

A coaching process includes usually 1–6 meetings in two-to four-week intervals. A coaching session takes about 90 minutes. If you are interested please send us an email or call us.