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Strategically attracting new customers – Hands on

In order to meet future demands of a rapidly changing market, companies are called on to win over new customers and markets strategically and efficiently. The most proven and time-saving tool for this is the phone. A good sales call arouses curiosity, conveys the idea of ​​a “perfect match,” is adapted to the respective target customer, directly reaches the person in a customer and paves the way for a prospective presentation/detailed needs assessment … and still does not take more than 5 minutes.

Now, many sales employees are reserved in their attitude towards these so-called “cold calls.” After all, as consumers we all have experienced the bitter aftertaste of disruptive “assaults” on the phone.
Professional acquisition of new customers on the phone requires professional preparation. We already involve employees in developing the strategy, the specific target customer focus and hooks. In this way, their identification with the new task is strengthened from the outset. At the beginning of our project, besides an introductory one-to-one conversation with each participating employee, there is a one-day kick off/strategy workshop with employees and sales management staff. Target customers are defined and “homework” for professional strategic research based on a custom-designed model is agreed on. Then, the task of critically reflecting on one’s own attitude begins, the necessary rhetorical tools are communicated and off you go:
During coaching at the workplace, we are by each employee’s side for one day as they make phone calls (also available in tandem teams composed of office and field sales staff), reflect on and document those discussions, compose follow-up e-mails, and support them in developing the motivation and routine needed for this sensitive area. After a few weeks of implementation and integration into everyday work the results are jointly integrated – again in the sales team – and the tools are possibly even refined.

As an accompaniment to this, we also offer
Coaching for sales managers/heads of sales

“A forward-looking sales strategy” – a different kind of sales training

If you book a sales training course, you probably expect a mix of communication methods: interviewing techniques, handling objections, closing techniques, value propositions. Often, the skills taught are only rhetorical and argumentative skills that have a short half-life when applied in everyday life.

We do not want to talk you out of these useful tools. We teach them too. However, we expand the scope of action and put our focus on the whole person (the customer/the seller) as well as the sales team, with the aim of fostering lasting development.

We use two methods that are not found in traditional sales training: Solution-oriented psychology in connection with neurolinguistic programming (NLP) and our “Talent Insights Sales Check.”

Why tests?
Especially in sales, personality models are particularly useful because they allow for a type- and needs-based approach in the sales pitch. INSIGHTS MDI divides human characters into 4 colors, is easy to understand, yet can be applied in a very differentiated manner. So if you know your own “color type” during the sales talk, but also the best strategies for dealing with each of the other “color types”, you are highly likely to develop a close and lasting relationship with customers in the shortest time. It also becomes evident how you interact in the team, as well as your talents in organizing work, and in your individual thinking and behavioral style.

As part of the training, you will learn from this personality test precisely where your potential and strengths lie and the strengths and potential of your sales teams as well as how you can get customers enthusiastic about you and your product/service in a new way. Thus, “Insights” can be a prelude to a lasting individual potential development process; it can give you a chance to reflect on your personal style and give tips for more success in sales.

Why positive psychology and NLP?
More than anything, successful selling is a question of attitude. The most successful sales staff and managers in the office and field service are those who truly believe in what they are doing, and do it with passion. They concentrate on their own targets and have both the necessary skills and the confidence to reach the goals they have set for themselves.

“Flourishing instead of burning out” is the central concern of positive psychology. So the focus is on the individual strengths and on the opportunities to use them in practice.

When teaching successful sales strategies, neurolinguistic programming (NLP) does not stop at behavioral rules, but explores thought patterns, beliefs and strategies that distinguish a good seller from an excellent seller. This makes recipes for success accessible for all.

Particularly successful salesmen appeal to their customers on a subconscious level and know how to convey emotions that ultimately affect the purchasing decision. To a large extent, humans always make decisions on the emotional level, but justify them with rational arguments. So, together, let’s open the NLP toolbox for brilliant sales.

PREMIUM SERVICE Training and Coaching

In addition to growing customer demands, the changed competitive landscape makes it necessary to emphasize differentiation factors in the service sector. Knowing that especially for our customers, their experience of dealing with us/with the employees and with the corporation is a crucial decision factor, our aim must be: being better than good. Turning customers into fans, inspiring them and thus securing a decisive advantage in competition, that’s the win. In a nutshell, this means that each business process is measured according to how well it is able to generate value for the customer in every “moment of truth.”

An active customer orientation and creating a culture of hospitality at the point of sales often requires a comprehensive change process throughout the company. If this transformation succeeds, the company can achieve significant market advantages: Customer loyalty and satisfaction is demonstrably increased, an improved image contributes to increased customer acquisition, and the result is revenue optimization and increased market penetration.

“The way to the consumer is now less about the products and their (purported) benefits, but about the presentation of the company as a whole, its values ​​and above all the people they represent.”

(Dr. Wolfgang Kaden)

The focus is therefore on the employee, who is consciously aware of his important function as a “brand ambassador.” The sympathy factor, personal relationships and the consequent delivery on previously made promises are revealed as the central driver of the hoped-for pulling power of our customers’ brand experiences. This requires a supportive management culture and programs that create an awareness of the necessary skills and supports the lasting implementation of these skills in dealings with customers.

PREMIUM SERVICE consists of a concept with modules that logically build on each other: a (1) kickoff meeting for employees and managers, an in-depth (2) potential analysis with video use and recommendations for interventions to improve processes and achieve adjustments in the corporate identity and (3) on-the-job staff training that is tailored to your business.

We would be delighted to perform mystery tests for you in the analysis phase and for skills verification/evaluation after the project.