Keeping the optimum balance between our various roles and life worlds is not easy. Increasing numbers of people can no longer keep up with the demands of work, family, and community, while also fulfilling their personal desires in today’s fast paced world. Manifestations of being “off-balance” are “burnout” or “bore-out,” stress-related symptoms of a physical or psychological nature, hamster wheel experiences or the feeling of being externally controlled, of having too little time and too much do, family and partnership conflicts, demotivation and a lack of energy …
There is a collection of good practices in coaching and consulting that can show you how to get the sparkle back into your eyes and put a smile on your face. These will help you to sort things out in a structured way, to dust off your own values, to do the things that are subjectively really meaningful to you again, to shift the focus of thought and action.
This usually does not happen in a revolutionary “everything will be different now” moment, but in an evolutionary bit-by-bit shifting of the priorities in favor of what is really “in our hearts.”
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The test method MOA (Meaningful Occupation Assessment), which we use when required, is used for the early detection of the individual stress load and is based on insights from industrial psychology and psychotherapy. In addition to recognizing and changing stress-generating feeling and thought patterns at the individual level, MOA is also ideal for workplace health promotion on a team and on an organizational level.