The phone is the most-used means of communication in our modern world. To perform those tasks on a daily basis requires quite a lot from employees: The high call frequency, the time pressure, the high level of flexibility required to constantly prepare for ever-changing conversation partners are conditions that can only be successfully fulfilled in the long term by availing of supporting measures – like a continuous conversation optimization.

We would be delighted to compile appropriate working materials together with you in advance (checklist / coaching observation sheets, …) or assist in the selection of suitable employees. (Assessment, selection …)

Service. Closeup of a call center employee with headset at workplace

Communications training for telephoning with coaching on the job

Our widely employed telephone training “VIAFON – communication techniques for professionals” combines classic know-how for optimal customer conversations with many exercises and experiments centering on the phone. We want you to laugh!

In our advanced training for telephone sales calls (outbound + inbound) you additionally learn about future-oriented sales strategies that are suitable for use in this important area. All contents taught will be practiced immediately in conversation exercises and role-playing games.

In personal coaching in the workplace, the trainer will be by your side in real conversations and give you valuable tips on call optimization afterwards. Written learning tips and advice complete the continuous improvement process. In addition to the usual quantitative staff review, it is also possible to include qualitative standards that are as objective as possible within the target agreement sessions.

Call center coaching training

We will train suitable employees as internal coaches for call optimization and guide the first steps in employee coaching.

An innovative training concept that we have already implemented successfully on many occasions.

Train the trainer: Future-oriented training methods in telephoning

A well-known challenge in telephone service centers is getting new employees ready for deployment on the phones in the shortest possible time. The available resources often allow only a short training period in which to learn complex content. During the onboarding process, employees should learn to “walk on their own” as quickly as possible.

We have tailored our training for internal telephoning trainers accordingly:

With the accelerated learning method, internal trainers (or employees intended for this position) learn in a short time how to significantly increase the keep ratio and thus reduce the necessary training time by activating teaching and learning on the part of the participants.

In our course for trainers, we teach the high art of brain friendly teaching and learning, open the box of participant-oriented activating exercises and adapt existing “dry” training concepts.
In the final module, the “practical test,” the now-trained trainers put this to the test in a pilot project with real participants and get feedback and support from the trainer.

“Cold Calls” – The strategic acquisition of new customers on the phone

In order to meet the future demands of a rapidly changing market, companies are required to win over new customers and markets strategically and efficiently. The most proven and time-saving tool for this is the phone. A good sales call arouses curiosity, conveys the idea of ​​a “perfect match,” is adapted to the respective target customer, directly reaches the person in a customer and prepares the way for a prospective presentation/detailed needs assessment … and still does not take more than 5 minutes.