Coaching in telephoning

Our call-center-coaching training turns team leaders and staff into in-house coaches for ongoing call optimization.

Working in telephone customer service is extremely demanding due to the large number of incoming calls, the continuous concentration required and the often high emotionality in crisis management, since, on the one hand, staff members must act with expertise in a complex environment, and on the other hand, on the relationship level. This requires high social and communication skills as well as resilience and motivational skills on the part of the employees. Continuous guidance via personnel development measures such as coaching, feedback, supervision and mentoring is essential here. Internal coaches and trainers, their professional skills and their temporal and procedural framework therefore play a central role.
At the same time, the tasks of executives are subject to high demands. They are largely responsible for whether the quality of the performed service also ensures long-term survival in the fiercely competitive market. They are called on to select what fits, to promote, provide feedback, and carefully maintain the balance between qualitative and quantitative earnings figures and the individual people with whom they are dealing.

We turn team leaders and employees into internal coaches for call optimization and guide the first stages of staff coaching – an innovative training concept that we have successfully implemented in numerous telephone service centers.
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