Coaching techniques

How can you live up to the demand to provide people, teams and organizations with psychological well-being, successful teamwork and personal and collective best performance with the help of coaching & training?
Positive psychology is a relatively new field of research in psychology. It looks specifically at what characteristics and what conditions are related to well-being and life satisfaction and enables people to get to know their strengths and talents better and use them in everyday life for themselves.
NLP is considered a “best-of collection” of modern psychology. It offers every business and team coach a versatile tool case of effective methods to quickly, pragmatically and effectively achieve results. Wherever communication, using your own potential or effective action are important, NLP can set far-reaching developments in motion. The work is basically done through transparent interventions, whose function and goal are well understood and can be learned.
Personality assessment tools and computer-based potential analysis can provide further support and serve to objectify subjective (individual) experiences. They provide accurate and reliable information about job-related personality aspects and extra-curricular competencies as a “compass” for orienting important personal and professional decisions.