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Program 2019/2020 – our highlights:

Switzerland, a user’s guide:

Introducing a lovable and livable country with its customs and traditions.
One-day workshop for expats, newcomers and those yet to be integrated …

Agile leadership:

Modular training for managers who want to achieve greater agility in their leadership style, team or company.

Certified Coach Training (DVNLP, DFC).

For multipliers, executives, self-employed people, other interested parties, …

In balance:

Our new test procedure MOA (Meaningful Occupation Assessment) detects individual stress early. After that, there is coaching & team development on “healthy living and working”.

Communicative self-assertion:

The slightly more relaxed way to get your point across. Two-day workshop

Strategic acquisition of new customers with the T.I.P.S. model:

Workshop with the sales team and personal side-by-side coaching on attracting new customers

Team development:

Move from I to we in an interactive way. Team workshop 1.5 days

Client relationship:

The magic of good relationships and the art of creating and maintaining them. Networking made easy…

Call center coaching training:

for team leaders, multipliers, internal trainers and coaches. Professional empowerment by continuously developing your employees

We’d be delighted to put together more tailor-made offers for you:

Futurepace – our contribution

We support projects that we find very promising. We personally know the project managers. Every cent goes to the people who need it.

The Center of Hope for Dakawa e.V. aims to create and to develop an educational and social center in the Morogoro district in the southern highlands of Tanzania, initially as a boarding school and orphanage. Here, orphans and disabled children will be able to live as boarders, and children from the surrounding area will be able to participate in class as day students. At the same time, housing for the elderly will be built, and a training center for adults is also planned. The project also aims to develop and provide support in structures for self-help and self-sufficiency in agriculture and animal husbandry, health care, and in training and education.

Emotion, passion, enthusiasm – these are still underestimated success factors in brand and corporate governance.

“We cannot not act”, no matter what we do or don’t do, we are always multipliers, “brand ambassadors” to customers, employees, colleagues. At the same time we know from numerous studies of neurobiology, medicine, and psychology that “the unconscious guides action!” What does this mean for brand management, customer enthusiasm and fan culture in and outside of your company? We have already carried out projects on brand activation for BMW and SWISS International Airlines.

Read more in “The New Power of Marketing. How to distinguish your business with emotion, innovation and precision”

Coaching techniques

How can you live up to the demand to provide people, teams and organizations with psychological well-being, successful teamwork and personal and collective best performance with the help of coaching & training?
Positive psychology is a relatively new field of research in psychology. It looks specifically at what characteristics and what conditions are related to well-being and life satisfaction and enables people to get to know their strengths and talents better and use them in everyday life for themselves.
NLP is considered a “best-of collection” of modern psychology. It offers every business and team coach a versatile tool case of effective methods to quickly, pragmatically and effectively achieve results. Wherever communication, using your own potential or effective action are important, NLP can set far-reaching developments in motion. The work is basically done through transparent interventions, whose function and goal are well understood and can be learned.
Personality assessment tools and computer-based potential analysis can provide further support and serve to objectify subjective (individual) experiences. They provide accurate and reliable information about job-related personality aspects and extra-curricular competencies as a “compass” for orienting important personal and professional decisions.

Learning and relaxing are not a contradiction

In our villa on Wendsee lake in Brandenburg an der Havel, just around the corner from Berlin and Potsdam, both can be harmoniously combined: you can recharge with views of the lake and with a distance that allows you to reflect on and optimize your everyday actions…
In Switzerland, you will find us right in the heart of Zurich – or in the cozy seminar hotel right on the shore of Lake Lucerne.

Keeping the balance

Keeping the optimum balance between our various roles and life worlds is not easy. Increasing numbers of people can no longer keep up with the demands of work, family, and community, while also fulfilling their personal desires in today’s fast paced world. Manifestations of being “off-balance” are “burnout” or “bore-out,” stress-related symptoms of a physical or psychological nature, hamster wheel experiences or the feeling of being externally controlled, of having too little time and too much do, family and partnership conflicts, demotivation and a lack of energy …
There is a collection of good practices in coaching and consulting that can show you how to get the sparkle back into your eyes and put a smile on your face. These will help you to sort things out in a structured way, to dust off your own values, to do the things that are subjectively really meaningful to you again, to shift the focus of thought and action.
This usually does not happen in a revolutionary “everything will be different now” moment, but in an evolutionary bit-by-bit shifting of the priorities in favor of what is really “in our hearts.”
Read more

The test method MOA (Meaningful Occupation Assessment), which we use when required, is used for the early detection of the individual stress load and is based on insights from industrial psychology and psychotherapy. In addition to recognizing and changing stress-generating feeling and thought patterns at the individual level, MOA is also ideal for workplace health promotion on a team and on an organizational level.

Become a coach

Our coaching and NLP practitioner training for the business sector will increase your leadership and consulting expertise and offer you coaching and moderation tools that allow you to creatively and competently guide individuals (individually and in groups) in learning and change processes. We will get you up to speed on the fascinating reasons for human behavior and show you how you can motivate yourself and others and guide their personal development.


Profiling tools

We work with different tests and assessment tools in addition to our coaching and training projects. INSIGHTS MDI® and ASSESS are holistic tools that help assess and optimize all areas of human potential: leadership, teamwork, sales performance, recruting. You can also determine workplace requirements (target profile) and describe potential skills and patterns for future employees.

RELIEF Stressprevention by SCHEELEN® supports people in staying healthy and in defining critical sources for stress and health-risks. Organisations can generate a clear picture of how team members perceive their job and job environment. Measures easy to implement are suggested.

Consultant Network


Christine Schauer


Owner and managing director of Futurepace Consulting GmbH

MA in social pedagogy, communications coach, Management 3.0 coach, SCUM-Master, practitioner trainer and practitioner coach (DVNLP, DFC, Pro-C Association), TQM coach, EFQM assessor, Insights MDI consultant status.

Languages: German, English
Trainer and consultant for 15 years, lives in Zurich


René Wirz


More than 25 years of management experience at all hierarchy levels and a specialist in operative HR leadership.

Postgraduate qualification in leadership & management. Contact person for SMEs in organizational and HR development. Also supports in operational management.

Lives in Luzern


Jeannine Born


Psychologist, psychotherapist and coach, MBSR teacher – mindfulness based stress reduction.

Works with individuals and groups. Systemic team and OD development
Focuses: identity, leadership, mindfulness, life balance / burnout / depression

Languages: German, English
Lives near Zürich


Beat Stirnimann


Psychologist, Career consultant, MA Community Development, Trainer

Works for more than 25 years as Career Counsellor for the city of Zurich
Development of psychometric diagnostic tests, author (NST Neueichung, Hogrefe Verlag Bern)
Currently: Development and publishing of LIP (Leisure-Interest-Profile)
Educational Workshops

Lives in Zurich


Gunhild Blankenstein


Dipl. Volkswirtin, MBA, Systemische Beraterin, Team-und Business-Coach, NLP-Practitioner, Trainerin

Langjährige Erfahrung in verschiedenen Management- und Führungsebenen. Beratungsschwerpunkte: Personalmanagement (Personalauswahl -entwicklung, Diagnostik, Nachfolgeregelungen), operative und strategische Themenbereiche vertriebsnaher Dienstleistungen, Vertrieb, Coaching

Sprachen: deutsch
Lives in Berlin/ Brandenburg


Lukas Szybowski


Teakwondo-Weltmeister, Trainer, Speaker, Gesundheitscoach & Outdoortrainer, Yogalehrer

Schwerpunkte: Gesundheitsmanagement, Resilienz, Veränderungsmotivation, Mentaltraining, Teambuilding, Team-Events, Großgruppen-Moderation, Bogenschießen

Lives in Berlin/ Brandenburg


Stefan Lammers


Executive coach UC Berkeley, team coach of the Academy of Executive Coaching London, systemic organizational consultant, sports mental coach and Chinese REN coach

Specialist in leadership, OE, sales development, workshop facilitation, lecturer at the Frankfurt School of Finance & Management

Languages: German, English
Lives in Düsseldorf


Miriam Kost


Master’s in Business Administration, federally certified instructor and PSI competence consultant.

Generalist with extensive experience in the fields of management, leadership and training. Focus: Guiding and managing projects, interim management, coaching of individuals and teams according to the PSI and Zurich resources methods.

Languages: English, German, French and Italian
Lives in Lucerne


Björn von Busch


Studied education and psychology.

Trainer, team and business coach,
NLP Practitioner DVNLP, mediator.

Languages: English, German, Italian
Lives in Berlin


Penny Motley


Degree in Psychology (University of London), coach, specialist in intercultural team development

International skills trainer, “Developing People Internationally” facilitator, training in “Nonviolent Communication” by Marshall Rosenberg, NLP Practitioner DVNLP, business coach, Insights MDI consultant

Languages: English, German, Italian, French
Born and raised in England, lives in Berlin


Dr. Björn Migge


Former senior physician at the University Hospital Zurich, practitioner trainer and practitioner coach, author of several coaching textbooks for the publisher Beltz Verlag.

Focuses: Schema coaching, hypno-coaching and psychodrama, senior coach at the German Federal Association of Coaching DBVC. Founder of Quality Ring Coaching QRC and the German Coaching Association DFC.

Lives in Porta Westfalica